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A Japanese musical group, "T's color", produced by Nakata Taizo and featuring Hamane Yuka as a vocalist, started its activities in 1997. Later, Sakamoto Kazutaka and Obina Kuniko joined the group.
The main activity of "T's color" is to arrange music using traditional Japanese instruments. We have produced our own original music and have been interweaving traditional music, pop music and songs and ballads of the ancient times (kagurauta). Our music is called "Chamber Pop" or "Ambient Pop".
We give a lot of concerts at concert houses and at schools, playing not only traditional but other types of music. We have been invited to perform at the special events of public organizations and cultural groups as well. All the concerts have been very popular.
At present, we perform at one of the most famous concert houses in Tokyo, "Kichijoji MANDA-LA2" as a base. We released our first CD from an indie label in 1999.